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HK Trim Codes


10E, G, M, R, S, T, U,X = Black

12A, B, F, K, X = Goya Red

12G, H = Goya Red and Cressy Red

12R, U = Yulanga and Rudient Maroon

12T = Yulanga Maroon

13E = Quebec and Ottawa Aqua

14A = Bayou Blue

14B, K, P, V, Z = Jacana Blue

14E = Bayou and Mellow Blue

14G = Bayou and Locarno Blue

14L, Q U, W = Jacana and Pheasant Blue

14M = Bark and Light Teal

14R, T, X = Light Teal

14U = Light Teal and Pheasant Blue

14Y = Jacana Blue and Dark Teal

16A = Julip Green

16C, K = Onyx Green

16E = Julep and Gumleaf Green

18A = Pampas Fawn

18C, F, R, X = Buckskin Beige

18E = Pampas and Praire Fawn

18M = Blonde Ivory and Bavere Fawn

18S = Buckskin Beige and raiment fawn

18Y = Parchment and Black


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